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Front Entryways 

$6-9k  Enhance your curb appeal with a stunning entryway, a couple of steps and a small garden landscape.

$10-18k  Looking for a medium walkway, full steps and landing, a comprehensive garden overhaul and a complete LED outdoor lighting solution.

$19-25k  Large entryways, complex walkways, full landings, LED lighting systems, retaining/free standing walls and garden that make a statement.


Lawn works

$1k  Over seed front and back yard. Mow, thatch, rake up, aerate, lime, organic fertilizer slow release, seed, cover with peat moss in compost roller, water in.

$3-5k  Till in existing lawn. Install compost/topsoil depending on conditions. Lime and organic slow release fertilizer. Sod or seed.

$5-7k  Install lawn irrigation in small front and back yard. Use over seed program to freshen up and repair lawn. 


Ponds, waterfalls, Natural swimming pools

$4-9k  Add a stunning water feature like a bubbling boulder, small pond (5’x7’)or pondless waterfall. Includes aquatic plantings and lighting.

$12-19k  For a medium sized pond (11’-16’) or a pondless feature with stream and waterfall.

$49-59k  Natural swimming pool with 15’x25’ swim zone, cobbelstone edging, aquatic planting, entry ladder, rock waterfall, and surrounding lawns.


Gardening Services

$500-900 Month  We will handle ongoing landscape needs on your small property with front and backyard perennial and shrub gardens. Front and back lawn maintenance.

$1-2k  Mid-sized property. Front and back yard gardens and lawn.

$2k and up  Choose our team to handle your estate. Extensive front and backyard gardens and lawn. Other services include managing remodel projects, letting service people into home and trash/recycling removal.