Shore Ave Acreage Project

This new construction design and install project includes weekly organic garden maintenance. We designed and built a large flagstone entry walkway with a side path along a cutting garden. We built a custom copper espaliered for the cherry, apple and pear fruit trees. Since this is a summer home, it was a priority to build the front lawn and irrigation system so the home owners could immediately enjoy their beautiful property. Once the homeowners returned to their main residence, we were able to complete the lawn and finish the garden in the off season.

Shore Ave Daylily Collection

We curate this evolving daylily collection in response to the finest, new varieties of daylily as they are developed. This project was started in 1999 on a large four-lot beach estate while the houses were being remodeled. After the remodel, we built flower beds, patios, the irrigation systems, and the lawns. A few years later we constructed a cutting and potager garden complete with diverse organic veggies and climbing roses. The gardens and lawns are maintained weekly with organic only applications.

Sea Eagle Ln Project

We designed and installed a dry creek bed which meanders under a raised walkway to the yoga studio. The creek bed culminates in a rain garden complete with stone art. Several challenges included significant drainage issues and a heavy deer presence. We addressed these issues by installing catch basins and drainage along the irrigation system as well as planting a dwarf hedge and mostly native landscapes. Ten years after the initial installation, we returned to build an additional flagstone patio and walkway. We replaced the plantings in the flowerbed and added to the existing drainage system. Additionally, we installed a low voltage lighting system to compliment the existing system and retrofitted all the bulbs to be LED.

Lawn Work

Lawn renovations are among the more common maintenance projects we perform. This service includes aeration of compacted soils and removal of excess grass, moss and weeds by de-thatching. We fastidiously rake up and remove all debris. Utilizing the highest quality seed ensures toughness through the seasons and covering with compost maintains moisture through germination. The next layer is a rich organic fertilizer supplied from a local resource. We then finish with a lime layer to raise the PH for lawn health.

Edgecliff Project

Removal of two large trees and overgrown landscapes was the initial priority on this job. The lawn then received a renovation and the gravel driveway was refreshed with our power harley rake. A small patio and walkway was then designed and builtto accommodate several large planters and privacy plantings. These are watered by a custom garden bed irrigation system. We maintain this estate monthly with an exclusively organic approach.

Shore Ave Flip

On this project we removed three large overgrown trees, three neglected lawns with rotted out retaining timbers and many defunct flower beds. These flower beds were rebuilt and a new irrigation system was installed. We added a new lawn area and BBQ patio with low maintenance plantings. The addition of a cobble walkway added a stylish element. This installation was completed on a strict timeline and budget.

Bush Point Project

This estate includes four homes on five connecting properties. Several ongoing large projects include maintaining fields, lawns, orchards, a veggie garden and many expansive flower beds. We a built walkway between two of the homes, the lawns, irrigation system, and all flower beds. We also designed and built a drainage system and creek bed for water overflow. A few retaining walls were failing so they were removed and rebuilt. This estate is maintained weekly with an exclusively organic approach.